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When it comes to assessing the effects of your pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical, crop protection, food additive or animal health products on development and reproduction, you need a true partner. Our goal is to focus on quality and scientific excellence as we help you push the possibilities. Pulling from our comprehensive historical control databases for a wide range of animal models, we can support all your nonclinical laboratory needs, regulatory submissions, risk assessment and product development programs efficiently and effectively. You can benefit from the industry’s largest group of biologists trained to perform fetal examinations. We routinely perform visceral and skeletal examinations in our developmental toxicity studies. We can also help you design specialized studies with non-traditional models, as well as reproductive and behavioral characterization.

Sample capabilities

  • Complete range of standard and customized study designs
  • Comprehensive historical control databases
  • Routine and specialized routes of dose administration
  • Neurobehavioral testing
  • Spermatogenesis evaluations via HTM-IVOS CASA systems
  • Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and toxicokinetics
  • Screening Informational Data Sets (SIDS)
  • Endocrine screening
  • Hormone assessments
  • Weight-of-evidence analysis
  • Reproductive histopathology
  • Consulting services, data and peer reviews

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