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Dacom - a leading DSS software platform for running disease, pest and irrigation models. Integrates local weather data, forecast stations and soil moisture sensors, for live analysis of disease, pest or soil moisture status, combined with a 5 day forecast to allow for in-time crop protection and irrigation. Windows and online versions available.

  • Forecast-Xtra - disease risk reports emailed every 3 days, linked to local weather data and forecast. Multiple diseases/report, e.g. Blight and Alternaria on the same report. Decision Support that requires no input from users
  • Root Crop Models - Potatoes; Late Blight and Alternaria, Peach Potato Aphid. Carrot; Alternaria and Powdery Mildew. Carrots and Parsnips ;carrot fly 
  • Veg, Fruit and Arable Models - Veg models for brassicas, onions, leeks, lettuce, spinach celery, aspargus and tomatoes. Fruit models for apples, strawberries and vines. Arable models for wheat, sugar beet and beans
  • DSS Support - Set-up, Training and Support for DSS implementation of Dacom system and Forecast-Xtra .
  • Weather Data - Supply of weather stations, synoptic weather data, weather forecasts and spraying condition forecasts

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