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Deployment Services


CSDC’s consultants are a group of seasoned professionals that offer a great deal of insight and best practices as it relates to our client’s technology and service needs. Our team uniquely combines industry expertise, functional business knowledge and strong execution capabilities to help our clients deploy, deliver and optimize their CSDC solution.

Whether you're a new or existing customer, CSDC offers three types of deployment services to get your solution up and running as quickly as possible.

Turnkey Implementation

CSDC’s team of experienced consulting experts can help to successfully implement your new solution and ensure your users get the most out of it.  Some highlights of our turnkey implementation services include:

Project Management

CSDC’s dedicated project managers carefully track every detail throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring that your new solution is successfully integrated into your IT environment.  We ensure partnership with internal staff and utilize the highest level of communication to ensure projects meet timelines.


Our conversion specialists will ensure that all data is securely and accurately converted from your existing legacy systems into the new solution’s database.


Our team of specialized consultants will analyze your business structure and can assist with the optimum configuration of your new solution. CSDC’s consultants will work with your staff to ensure the new solution conforms to your existing business practices so your staff can continue to use the processes they use on a daily basis.

Integration with External Systems

Since no IT system is an island, CSDC will ensure your new solution integrates with other business applications in your IT environment. This will help to ensure that your new solution can easily and securely exchange data with other applications, vendors, and agencies.


A significant component of the implementation of your new solution will involve training your users and administrators on the new system.  We offer training protocols that provide end users all the way up to administrative users with the comfort and ability to use our products.


CSDC has a methodical and thorough testing process to ensure your new solution is working optimally before rolling it into production.

Go-Live and Support

CSDC will be there with you when your new solution is moved into production.  We provide on-site support and assist in making sure that the roll-out of your purchased product works for you as the customer.

Extending Your Solution

We know your business needs evolve over time. That is why we make it easy for your CSDC solution to grow with your organization. Our clients often extend their original solution to other departments or business units, adding additional users and often implement additional functionality. Our consultants will work directly with you to help you through these changes and to ensure you receive maximum benefit from your extended solution.

Partner Implementation

At CSDC, we recognize the essential need for solution partners. To us, solution partners are key to delivering unparalleled value to our customers and extending the reach of all CSDC solutions. CSDC and its partners provide unparalleled skill, resources and industry knowledge to provide our clients with enterprise scale software solutions that solve even the most pressing challenges. CSDC also partners directly with its clients to jointly implement CSDC-based solutions, if desired.

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