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Design of Airport Terminals and all Associated Buildings Services



Sustainable airport buildings fulfil specific requirements related to functionality, service levels, flexibility, efficiency and safety & security. NACO assists with defining these requirements and converting them into user-friendly and flexible designs. The strength of our facility planning and design practice is that our designs are based on extensive knowledge regarding operational processes and functional lay-out and also reflect the ambitions of all stakeholders. Our innovative and sustainable facility concepts focus on future demands, enhance service levels and keep capital investments manageable. In addition to airport terminal buildings, we design air traffic control towers, cargo buildings, MRO hangers, VIP terminals and any other airport facilities.

Countryside Development

What do we want our countryside to look like in twenty years' time? And what are its functions? Questions like these are at the heart of visionary landscape projects and studies. These are often integrated projects in which such issues as regulation and economic and social developments have roles to play alongside the landscape aspects. We give advice on making balanced choices for the future.

Landscaping Architecture

Our landscape architects tackle problems by design. The existing landscape and the given problem are the starting point and a source of inspiration. The final design is the spatial answer to the question, where the whole is more than the sum of the different parts. We do not only strive towards sustainability in a technical sense. In our historical analysis we investigate the significance of the landscape and design accordingly. The abundance of meaning in the landscape should be reflected in the design. In this way the new landscape that is born is rooted in its history.

Water Management

Dry areas need to be irrigated, wet areas drained, high waters checked, water has to be stored in reservoirs and discharged again during dry periods, heavy rainfall must sometimes be stored temporarily in the ground before being drained off and the water table may not be too low. Water management is one of Royal Haskoning's core areas of expertise and is essential for the survival of people, animals and plants.

Process Management

Our consultants guide clients through complex decision-making processes, in all phases of the policy cycle in the arena of national and regional administrative and strategic interests. They focus on parties who work together on spatial problems—government agencies, businesses and project developers—in the field of site and area development, urban and rural development, integrated water management and rural regeneration. Project, process and programme management and in-depth knowledge of the subject go hand in hand here.

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