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Mobile devices, corporate networks, LAN management: the modern desktop is connected, mobile, and rapidly changing. We can make it easy to manage.

We'll help you make sure that:

  • All the technologies you use are integrated
  • Every employee is associated to the right End User Workplace profile, depending on their specific requirements
  • Every product and service you use to stay connected is managed properly and that desktop availability is optimised
  • Your organisation, in all of its locations, keeps pace with rapidly changing developments in desktop and mobile technology
  • Your employees are satisfied with the technology provided and access available, enabling them to be more productive
  • You have the tools to effectively manage your device estate.

Device management: securing every piece of the mobility puzzle

We can help you control all of the devices your employees use, including smartphones and laptops, enabling a single management console.

Our services will provide you with:

  • Mobile services that are managed in collaboration with your other technologies, like fixed phone lines and PC connections
  • The best mobile technology: BlackBerry® or Good Technology for mobile email and applications; Apple's iPhone; devices using Microsoft software with a bundled data tariff and device management solution
  • Management of all mobile devices in corporate fleets along with basic network access
  • Security layer to the mobile devices, enabling a wider range of users to become mobile
  • Corporate governance and licence management.

Our specific services, for all of your business devices, include:

  • Reporting
  • Asset tracking inventory management (device model, IMEI, agent status, mobile profile)
  • Configuration (Application Settings OTA)
  • Group management
  • Vital signs (coverage, memory, battery, if blocked, others)
  • Security (device wiping, remote blocking)
  • Application management (software deployment and inventory of applications)
  • Authentication (user/password management)
  • Deployed applications control
  • Encryption
  • Antivirus
  • Email management.

LAN management: making the right connections with the highest levels of security

Businesses operating in various countries across different sites have any number of LANs to contend with. For instance, employees need access to these LANs but at varying levels and locations.

We can provide you with a suite of powerful LAN management tools that:

  • Simplifies the configuration, administration, monitoring and troubleshooting of your existing LANs
  • Improves the accuracy and efficiency of the equipment
  • Increases the overall availability of the network
  • Quickly identifies and fixes any network problems with rapid and remote diagnostics
  • Maximises network security through integration with access control services, audits of network-level changes and disaster recovery
  • Gives you the best of breed technology through our strategic alliances with leading technology companies
  • Practical implementation of innovative solutions.

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