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DI03SAP™ Identified Elite Class 1 Pongamia Rooted Cuttings Plants With Scientific advancement CJP has selectively bred certain high yielding Pongamia plants and developed our identified high-yielding Pongamia Rooted Cutting Plants for creating FAIL SAFE FUEL FARM with Standard Package of Practices (SOP) enable DI03SAP™ Rooted Cutting sapling to enhance productivity to achieve greater yields over the lifetime of the plantation with the right crop inputs and management We offer to supply our DI03SAP™ saplings prepared in soilless media to create failsafe Fuel Farm. • Micro-propagation of plants done in Rooting Chamber in Rajasthan and sent by Air • Working time: 90 Days from confirmation of order/payment • Packing: Polystyrene (Thermacole) Boxes • Shipment: by AIR • QUANTITY: As per requirement, (minimum 10,000 plants) • FOB PRICE: ?? • ALL PAYMENTTERM: 100 % Advance • Phyto sanitary charge: included For further details and placing orders kindly contact

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