Relab den Haan

Relab den Haan

DNA-multiscan for Plant Pathogen Detection


With the DNA-multiscan bacteria we can analyze very quickly which bacteria are present in your water, seed, plant material or soil. 13 bacteria and 1 plasmid are being analyzed including Agrobacterium tumefaciens which can cause tumors on roses. Some important bacteria/plasmid which can be detected with the scan are:
Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Ti plasmide
Pseudomonas syringea
Xanthomonas fragariae
Erwinia carotovora
Ralstonia solanacaerum
  is part of the cause of tumors in roses
is the real cause of tumors in roses
infects stem and leaves of different plants
can cause great damage in strawberries
causes soft rot in many crops.
causes bacterial wilt in a wide range of crops.

Agrobacterium and Ti Plasmide

Agrobacterium is known to cause tumors on the stem of roses. This bacterium is the vector of the real pathogen, the Ti-plasmid. After the bacterium has transported the Ti-plasmid it can disappear from the plant again. The bacterium and the Ti-plasmid can both occur in the plant without the other. The bacterium occurs quite often in soils but does not have to be harmful. The Ti-plasmid is the real cause of the tumors. With the DNA- bacterial scan we can analyze if the Ti-plasmid is present in your sample. 

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