Drug Analysis Service


Creative Biomart provides drug analysis service for pre-clinical drugs and natural products on their physical and chemical properties. Our services include three main assays: pre-clinical pharmaceutical property analysis, pharmacokinetics analysis & bioanalysis, andnatural product analysis.

Our pre-clinical pharmaceutical property analysis service aims at identifying compound impurities, evaluating packages, and providing other quality tests and methodology establishment. Impurities stand for the substances with no therapeutic function in the drugs. They can be toxic to human, or nontoxic but affect the stability and efficiency of drugs. Impurities can be introduced through the production process (intermediate, by-product, etc.) or during storage (humidity, temperature, etc.). We can accurately determine whether impurities exceed the impurity limit of drugs, thereby ensuring drug safety. We can also perform stress test, acceleration test, and long-term test to determine the potential feasibility of target drugs for clinical application.

Pharmacokinetics analysis & bioanalysis includes two parts: in vitro absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination analysis, and in vivo metabolism and dynamics analysis. We can help you determine kinetic constants such as logD and pKa, understand metabolic process (by identification of metabolites, determination of metabolic enzyme phenotype, etc.) and conduct animal experiment on rodents to evaluate in vivo drug absorption and distribution.

Natural product analysis services include component identification, metabolomics analysis and establishment of methodologies, to help you gain a better understanding of the composition and potential therapeutic effect of natural products.

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