Ecological Management Services


The best-laid plans of mice and men…are best implemented by experienced crews of restoration professionals with education, training and experience in working with native materials, plant communities and ecosystems. As a new company 20+ years ago, AES developed specialized techniques for installing seed and plants of native species to create ecosystems.

Over the years, we’ve honed our regimes for conducting various site management and soil preparation tasks to favor the success of native species in their competition with exotic invasives. So today, AES conducts the full range of ecological management and contracting services:

  • Brush removal
  • Prescribed herbiciding
  • Prescribed burning
  • Tillage and seeding
  • Plant, plug and bare-root installation
  • Large-scale, mechanical seed collection
  • Installation of soil bioengineered techniques

Because we harvest native wildflowers and grasses with farm combines at our 300-acre nursery – Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries – it’s easy to combine seed for others. Because we grow, plant and seed these species in our own nursery, we understand how to successfully install native restoration sites.

Or is that our nursery benefits from the experience of our contracting crews? We’ve installed thousands of acres of prairie and wetland throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Doesn’t matter. The vertical integration of AES -- with genetically native nursery services, full contracting and installation services, and a nationally-known staff of consulting ecologists -- facilitates the transfer of ecological knowledge and new discoveries into the field as quickly as possible.

The result, typically, is a successful project with ecological benefits that perhaps had not even been imagined by the landowners.

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