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Economic, Policy, and Regulatory Analysis


Sound policy informed by valuable experience and deep subject matter expertise forms the basis for practices that support sustainable, stable economies. Cadmus’ international development support focuses on linking economic growth with sound environmental management practices. Our experts provide strategic economic, policy, and regulatory analysis to help host governments, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and organizations in the private sector set a firm foundation for achieving economic development goals in energy and natural resource management around the world. For over 30 years, Cadmus has worked to ensure safe drinking water, to protect water quality, and to promote energy efficiency through regulatory development and program implementation technical assistance. We stand ready to support governments and private entities alike in establishing sound policies and practices that ensure resilience, achieve energy efficiency, and protect water supplies.

Cadmus has fielded teams of international consultants to advise on regulatory matters associated with business development and agricultural development projects in Africa, Asia, and South America; energy-expansion projects in Eastern Europe ; and transportation-related projects in Sudan. We also help corporate clients worldwide design savvy, efficient corporate sustainability programs and practices informed by local regulation and relevant policy. Many of our environmental strategy experts have devoted their careers to developing tools, techniques, and processes that are used widely across industry for effectively managing risks and maximizing environmental business opportunities.

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