Educate the Public Services

An educated public is crucial for science-based public policies and responsible stewardship in communities. All Americans should be aware of what forests do for the environment, and of the many other benefits that trees provide.

Toward that end, we offer a variety of educational tools:

  • Our annual National Register of Big Trees captures the imagination of conservationists and tree enthusiasts with the size, strength and grandeur of these largest living things. For more than 70 years we’ve relied on people like you to help us hunt for and identify champion trees.
  • Our Historic Tree program combines an enthusiasm for trees with an interest in American history and culture. We offer information about the direct descendants of trees that shaded famous people or events, like a redbud from George Washington’s River Farm or a honey locust from Gettysburg.
  • American Forests hosts tree plantings and offers educational presentations for students at schools all across the country.
  • American Forests, our award-winning quarterly magazine, reports the latest in conservation news, along with articles on enjoying our forests.

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