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Our education programs include: A series of fully accredited, age appropriate field trips for school children. A comprehensive and rigorous college internship program. Oiled Wildlife Response Training to prepare for future oil spills – Over 85 volunteers were trained in 2010 on how to wash oiled birds and care for them prior to release. Various seminars such as “Don’t Cut The Line” and Bird Rescuer Training. Our fully-accredited field trips provide opportunities for outdoor, nature-based education for children of all ages, bolstering lifelong learning and promoting physical and mental good health. We also host hundreds of children every summer from the Sarasota County Parks and Recreation Department’s Summer Camp Program.

In a practical sense, educating the public about the types of injuries that we encounter every day can reduce the number of those injuries. The most common bird injuries are caused by automobiles, fish hooks, and golf balls. We expect our newly developed education programs will, over time, grow to influence various decision makers as they drive, fish, and golf – and perhaps even as they make other major decisions in life that might affect the environment – improving the well being of Floridians in general.

In a broader philosophical sense, we strive to do our part to overcome our country’s epidemic of “Nature Deficit Disorder” and the health issues that result, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. We want to help create the next generation of environmentalists. We were recently named as the only organization of our kind in the Sarasota County Green Business Partnership, because we practice what we preach!


Grades K-2

Who’s That Bird? (teacher-guided or docent-guided)
Follow the path through Save Our Seabirds and search for these birds. When you spot the bird, circle its picture. Learn the birds’ names and facts about how and where they live in the wild.

50 minutes- 15-30 students/class- 6:1 st/chap ratio- $5/student, 5 chaps free

Grades 3-5
Beaks and Feet: A Closer Look at Adaptation (docent-guided)

As you observe the birds at Save Our Seabirds, take a close look at their beaks and feet. Discover how much they tell us about what a bird eats and how it gets its food. In our Education Center, take a hands-on approach to trying to “eat like a bird.”

50 minutes- 15-30 students/class- 6:1 st/chap ratio- $5/student, 5 chaps free

Grades 6-8
Bird Scavenger Hunt (teacher-guided or docent-guided)

As you follow the path through Save Our Seabirds, find the birds described on your Scavenger Hunt Search List. Learn how these birds are adapted for survival in the wild, what they eat, where they nest, how they are grouped and classified based on shared characteristics and behaviors, natural threats/predators.

50 minutes- 15-30 students/class- 6:1 st/chap ratio- $5/student, 5 chaps free

Grades 9-12
Let’s Classify the Way Scientists Do (docent-guided)

Look at birds the way scientists and researchers do, by identifying various characteristic features of each species, and then placing them within groups of birds that share certain of those characteristics.

50 minutes- 15-30 students/class- 6:1 st/chap ratio- $5/student, 5

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