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Effluent Treatemcnt Plant for Dairy

The dairy effluent, emanating from the washing operations, is slightly acidic and highly biodegradable. A peculiar problem, which has been universally faced during working of effluent treatment plants, is de-stabilization of treatment process on fluctuations of effluent characteristics, particularly when effluent streams from product sections like whey are entrained. The ability of Aerobic Biological Treatment to withstand these variations is limited; therefore, the treatment option of Anaerobic Phase came in.

Since the effluent is highly biodegradable, it is subjected to anaerobic degradation culminating in biogas and which reduces the power consumption of the further aerobic stage considerably, besides resulting in Biogas, which can substitute part fuel/electricity requirement.The effluent from Anaerobic Treatment can still contain some Anaerobic Culture in suspension form, which does not settle due to its low density. A highly efficient process of 'Dissolved Air Floatation' can remove this with high efficiency and also render the effluent fit for further Aerobic stage.Activated Sludge Process has long been used as Biological Treatment Process for this highly Biodegradable Effluent. The effective mode devised after practical trials is 'Extended Aeration' where the F/M is kept low and MLSS concentration high by optimum sludge recirculation, the sludge being separated in a Secondary Clarifier. One stage Aeration-Clarification Process is proposed, followed by Tertiary Treatment, for the reduction of suspension, turbidity, trace organic matter and colour, making it possible to attain treated quality suitable for, reuse of the water for Non-Process applications and thus can be safely disposed off on land for irrigation.

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