Electro Installations Services


As no other, Stolze knows that the electrical installation is the backbone of your company’s automation. Because we manufacture all sorts of control panels, integrated PLC controls and electronic controls, we can always supply you with a fitting solution. Stolze is main dealer of PRIVA computer systems. That´s why Stolze is the perfect partner, both for maintenance and for changes to your installations.

Stolze designs, assembles and installs

  • PRIVA-process computers
  • Illumination installations
  • Switch panels
  • Access control and audio installations
  • Installations for utility buildings

Process computers

Stolze is 100% dealer of PRIVA and supplies integrated automation solutions: from climate control, water treatment, water management, irrigation up to energy control and management systems. For many years PRIVA is the leading automation company in horticulture and is a head in all innovations.

In the near future there will be an enormous change in the horticulture automation, due to the implementation of bus systems. The computer will not only control all the processes, but it will also supply information about the use of the installations and management information for periodic maintenance.

For example the number of running hours of a motor, the dissipated power of motors, voltage of assimilation lamps etc. From this new information it will be possible to deduct if maintenance is required and create a periodic maintenance program. With a good (preventive) maintenance program the correct functioning of installations can be guaranteed for the full 100%. Priva updates and program changes are installed by us. That is why Stolze B.V. is the perfect partner.

Illumination installations

Modern horticulture is unthinkable without assimilation lighting. For illumination installations efficiency is of paramount importance, as well the lifespan and the light emission, all of this of course, in relation with the total electrical consumption.

At Stolze we design the most efficient illumination installations using our in-house developed calculation program and in close cooperation with our suppliers: Hortilux, Industria and Lights Interaction. One of our reliable subcontractors will take care of the installation with all the attention that is needed. Stolze can design the medium voltage installation, transformers and of course the low voltage installation.

Switch panels

All switch panels (main distributors, control panels and pump panels for heating and irrigation installations) are designed and assembled in our own production facility. This gives us an enormous flexibility and many possibilities to find the perfect solution.

In our panels we only use the best brands of electrical components and materials. During assembly we pay a lot of attention to the heat production and heat resistency for the use in horticulture. Overall durability of our switch panels is of the upmost importance to us.

Access control, telephone, alarm and audio installations

As a total solutions supplier, we also supply access control, telephone, alarm and audio installations.

Installations for utility buildings

Apart from installations for horticulture Stolze B.V. also supplies installations for garden centre’s and warehouses, for example: lighting, access control audio installations and interiors.

These installations require a completely different control, based on different needs and wishes. With a specifically designed control program, Stolze controls the climate, heating and also the illumination, so that the client does not have to pay any attention to this.

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