Electronic Invoice Solutions Services


Our suite of invoice solutions will save you both time and money by simplifying the invoice process. Our accounting olutions provide: Substantial client labor and time savings, allowing for faster processing of payments. Online invoice portal with Connexion or client log in capability. Allows Connexion or client to pull, print, e-mail, download of invoices by job number, amount open, date range, etc. Ability to integrate with clients accounting software. Value: speed, on demand, better format, system integration.

We ensure prompt and accurate delivery of invoices with three delivery options; email, fax and standard US mail. You may always change from one invoice option to another at any time as it suits your needs. Our e-Invoicing solutions allow you to take back control of your accounting process by eliminating needlesss paper handling and developing an invoice schedule that suits your needs.

  • Increase cash flow by getting invoiced daily, allowing you to bill your customers faster!
  • Eliminate document storage needs by keeping all invoices & statements in an electronic filing system!
  • Save time and money by eliminating time consuming opening of envelopes and paper handling!
  • Become more eco-friendly by saving paper, envelopes, even the fuel it would take to have your invoices delivered!
  • Your invoices delivered on your schedule - not the post office's schedule!

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