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- The most concentrated formulation of mycorrhizae on the market today.

The most concentrated formulation of mycorrhizae on the market today. ENDO-M200K contains a high concentration of Vescicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (VAM) which are known to attach themselves to the roots of plants and trees and form a symbiotic relationship. They create a vast network of hyphae which enhances the capacity of the crop root system several fold. This provides the following benefits: ENDO-M200K increases the storage and uptake of moisture from deeper layers of soil reducing moisture stress in drought like conditions. They assist in improving nutrient uptake and enhance availability of N, P and Ca and a number if micro nutrients which contribute to better yields. They release beneficial organic compounds such as humic and fulvic acids, phytoallexins and polysaccharides which result in a healthier crop. These compounds play an important role in soil aggregation which improves soil texture and porosity resulting in better moisture penetration and retention as well as aeration which in turn help root growth. Soil aggregation also helps reduce erosion of valuable top soil. They also play an important role in stabilization of soil pH which can be affected by excessive use of chemicals and thus affect crop growth. By far the most important role they play is in improving energy efficiency of the root system which enables the crop to utilize this energy surplus for increasing yields. USE: The product can be used for potted plants as well as garden ornamentals like roses, hibiscus, flowering and fruit trees, vegetables like tomatoes/ Also for turf grass. It is not suitable for cabbages and other vegetables in the Brassicaceae family as well as the Amaranthaceae, Cyperaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Caryophylaceae, and Junceaceae families. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: ENDO-M200K can be used as a soil drench. Simply mix 10 grams into 200 liters if water and drench the soil in potted plans. The same concentration can be used to apply on 1 acre of field crops after an irrigation when soil moisture conditions are adequate. Apply the product when temperatures are under 38 C (100 F). For fruit trees this solution may be applied to 10 trees at 20 liters per tree after irrigation when the soil moisture is adequate. You may make 4” holes in the soil near the roots for better penetration of the solution. ENDO-M200K can be used even during transplanting as a root dip. Use the same concentration and dip the roots of the seedling to be transplanted in the solution for a few minutes. Transplant immediately after dipping. Do not store the plants where dipping has been done. Competitor: 200 propagules/gram works out to 200,000 propagule/kg versus each single gram of ENDO-EM200K product contains 200,000 propagules of Glomus species. STORAGE: Store in cool dry conditions less than 21º C (70ºF ) and away from direct sunlight. Keep away from children and pets.

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