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Endocrine Active Substances


Endocrine disrupting properties require specific evaluation under European legislation, including the regulation for Plant Protection Products (EC No 1107/2009), the revised Biocidal Products Regulation (COM(2009)0267), and REACH (EC 1907/2006). The regulations on plant protection and biocidal products introduced a hazard based approval criterion that only supports the marketing and use of chemicals on the basis that they do not have endocrine disrupting properties that may cause adverse effects in humans or non-target wildlife species.

The REACH regulation indicates that substances with endocrine disrupting properties will require further investigation before they can be authorised for use; continued use of these substances will be subject to restrictions. The regulatory consequences of identifying a substance as an endocrine disrupting chemical are severe. However, the fundamental scientific criteria, necessary to define endocrine disrupting properties, are not described in any of these legislative texts or accompanying guidance. Under the regulations governing plant protection products the Commission is required to present a draft of the specific criteria for the determination of endocrine disrupting properties by December 2013. Under the REACH regulations the Commission must review the approach for endocrine disrupters by June 2013.

Our services extend to:

  • Weight of evidence reviews of endocrine disrupting properties for agrochemicals, biocides and chemicals falling under REACH
  • Data gap assessment
  • Development of testing strategies
  • Placement and monitoring of specific studies to detect endocrine disruption
  • Assessment of endocrine disrupting properties relative to standard endpoints for the derivation of Environmental Quality Standards.

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