- RSS Feed Aggregation from Environmental Industry Sources


Hundreds of qualified international sources from all areas of the environmental industry.


An exhaustive, updated and specialized sourcing:
See limitless database of comprehensive and international sources and specialized technical and classified companies.

A social space:
Easily add new RSS feeds, and get the real added value of a shared sourcing enriched by all users:

Covered areas:

  • General informations
  • Gas and air
  • Water
  • Companies
  • Regulations
  • Garbage
  • Climate
  • Renewable


Share & monitor your favorite sources with a powerful updated platform. The easiest way to optimize information monitoing of your utmost interest, day after day.

  • Choose your own criteria, move, merge, rename, share easily your environnement feed ...
  • Win a considerable time focusing your research only on specific sources you want, and put them in automatic monitoring.

Save time by leveraging your news

  • Export your favorite sources to your dashboard, create new tabs... At this point stade, each box represents a source (rss feed)
  • Merge and customize your boxes (title, color, displayed news) With the merge option, create 'composites' sources (from as may original sources you wishes)
  • Visualise in a simple diagonal reading and monitor in earl time all the exported sources in your dahsboard
  • Feed the most important news to your network with a simple click...


More than just incoming mail alerts, the system allows you to create a real tailorable newsletter, to your liking, with the frequency you choose, and precise thematics and desired deepness.

Stay closely informed from anywhere and any media (mobile, tablet), of all the news on your own precise fields of interest, with a really simple custom alert system:

Define your query or keywords to be monitored within the sourcing database, then set the alert frequency : At onset, once per hour, per day or week. A really useful, fully tailored newsletter.


Based on hundreds of sources and rssenvironment sites directory placed under surveillance, look for information you are interested in a wink from thousands of qualified informations.

Also make instant visual synthesis of these through language and density statistics, and filtering the graphics... Can also be used as a mean of E-Reputation, or your competitors or yourself...

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