Strategic Environmental Consulting Limited (SEC)

Strategic Environmental Consulting Limited (SEC)

EUTR and UK Timber Regulations Services



The EU has recognised that illegal wood fibre has been entering the value chain in ordinary wood and paper products placed on the European market. Enabling regulations by EU governments has now placed a due of care of companies to undertake Due Diligence to ensure they are not bringing in or buying this material. SEC is an expert of the application of Due Diligence and you can read about this service here.

The duty of ensuring a Due Diligence system is in place to cover all wood and paper products entering the European Union has been enshrined in EU law and became operational in March 2013. SEC has extensive experience of managing wood policy compliance and gathering information on these supply chains. Our data collection and verification processes provide adequate information to run the necessary risk assessment procedures. Information is then generated in reports which are the basis of your mitigation of risk procedures. Together we can prove due diligence has taken place and deliver adequate evidence to regulators.

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