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Join our 'Onsite' remote computer assist program. You can even join today if your computer already has a problem. We do not mind how may computers you have in the household you just have one payment of £85 (£65 for Farm Solution users) which gives you registered cover for a period of one year.

How does this work?

Most problems can be sorted within 40 minutes or so but many can take longer. If we charged by the hour then you worry about how much the final bill will be. We looked at other organistions covering critical equipment like yours and decided to follow their example to give you total peace of mind. Your payment covers you for up to 4 separate incidents each year. It makes this a form of insurance where you hope that problems will not befall you, but gives you the security of knowing that if it does happen there will be someone there to give you a helping hand at no extra cost.

How do I get support if I can't access my computer?

All our Computer Assist members are given a contact number for this support and an appointment will be arranged. We will then talk you through all the checks to get access and then we take over remotely to fix what caused the problem in the first instance.

Can I use the service if I just need advice?

Of course. Simple advice will not be part of your 4 allocations for the year.

I have Farm Solutions software support. Does this not include computer support?

All support for Farm Solutions software and updates is included in the annual payment you make for that. Farm Solutions software support does not come out of your 4 allocations for Computer Assist. Also the Computer Assist does not cover Farm Solutions software support.

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