Fibre Raw Materials

The paper industry needs additional sources of fibre – new sources have to be found, old sources rediscovered and exploited. Annual plants hold enormous potential for the paper industry. Novel fibres promise to provide better or even entirely new product properties. – PTS is your partner in the search for a reliable fibre and pigment supply.

  • Scouting of raw materials and monitoring of raw material quality
  • Tapping new sources of fibre
  • Finding alternatives for scarce raw materials
  • Early identification of constraints and bottlenecks
  • Analysis and evaluation of mass flows – monitoring of quality and volume
  • Characterisation/evaluation of raw materials and fibrous pulps

  • Closure of fibre flow and energy circuits
  • Sustainably reduce costs in raw materials purchasing
  • Being able to produce new/better products
  • Differentiation in competition with other paper manufacturers

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