Field Agronomy Services


Successful crop production needs strong agronomy with independent recommendations not tied to product sales or margins.  Choosing the right scouting solution allows you to manage your farm while our highly trained Certified Crop Advisors and Professional Agrologists provide quality, accurate and economical advice for all your cropping requirements. We understand the urgency of crop protection recommendations so prompt, attentive service is never compromised.Packages are available for full season scouting or individual visits such as pre-plant/pre-emergence, in crop weed and herbicide efficacy visits, disease assessments, insect scouts and pre-harverst recommendations..

We will provide you with the right answers to your questions:

  • Is it worth spraying? If you are looking for a second opinion when making a spraying decision, our agronomists can assess the stage of the crop, yield potential, pest pressure and potential for economic loss to determine whether or not a pesticide application is warranted.
  • How do I know if it worked? Herbicide efficacy inspections after application can assess product performance and ensure satisfactory results. Better to catch the problem and correct it early than to miss it and suffer a yield or quality loss later on.
  • What about next year? Re-cropping restrictions of certain products, as well as increasing herbicide resistance issues make it extremely important to maintain accurate and detailed records.

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