Finance Services


Once customers are advised by Area Managers to choose the options that best suit them, tailored to farmers' particular needs, MEWI proposes three financing types for the purchase of agricultural equipment:

  1. Specialised companies, such as Deutsche Leasing Romania, offer domestic financial lease, by developing customized solutions for its clients. Financial services include payment in advance and flexible repayment period, residual value at the end of the contract or included in instalments, variable or fixed interest rates and instalments tailored to customer’s business requirements. Beside financial leases, the company offers an additional solution: the credit for co-financing of European funds or the investment credit. Deutsche Leasing grants funds for projects proposed by customers, with adjustable payment in advance and repayment period, a grace period and instalments tailored to customer’s business needs. Standard guarantees are provided as well: pledges for the financed assets and promissory notes.
  2. Trade credit granted, under certain terms and conditions, by MEWI (dates of payment agreed for the end of agricultural campaigns, arrangement of payment in instalments, repayment period agreed by joint consent, etc.).
  3. External financial lease to purchase second-hand equipment from the European Union through MEWI and Heinrich Schröder Landmaschinen.

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