First Nation and Public Engagement

EDI is active in engaging First Nations groups and the public on a variety of projects and issues. We welcome opportunities to consult with special interest groups and to provide appropriate representation when liaising with industry and government officials.

EDI works closely with several First Nations groups to provide the following services and activities:

  • Capacity building by training and subcontracting to qualified First Nation companies
  • Engagement of First Nations communities in study design, field work and results interpretation of relevant projects
  • Incorporation of traditional knowledge in environmental management through interviews
  • QA and QC for First Nations fisheries technicians

EDI values the social component of its projects and works to address any issues or impacts through the following actions:

  • Review and compilation of environmental and socio-economic information, providing recommendations at the proposal stage
  • Environmental impact assessment consultations with regulators and stakeholders
  • Ensuring due diligence and compliance with legal and regulatory environmental requirements
  • Reliable and integral member of multi-disciplinary teams including engineering and construction
  • Recruitment and facilitation of volunteer and outreach programs

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