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Fish and Shellfish Ecology



Fugro EMU Limited’s fish and shellfish team specialise in supporting marine development, managing and contributed to EIA work for major port and harbour developments, marine aggregate extraction and offshore wind, wave and tidal energy projects.

  • Survey Design and Statutory Liaison
  • Intertidal and Offshore Fish and Shellfish Surveys
  • Environmental Baseline, Construction and Post Consent Monitoring Surveys
  • Spawning Assessments and Gonadal-Somatic Index Analysis (GSI)
  • Population Assessments
  • Fish and Shellfish Identification
  • Commercial Fisheries Assessments
  • Desk Based Reviews
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Subtidal Surveys

Fugro EMU specialises in the sampling of fish and shellfish species and associated habitats using a variety of gears including otter and beam trawls, pots, creels, shellfish dredges and non-destructive methods including baited video traps. The focus of the fish and shellfish ecological surveys is to gather high quality data on communities to determine their distribution and abundance to inform impact assessments, conservation assessments and, ultimately the decision making process.

Intertidal Fish and Shellfish Survey

Fugro EMU has undertaken numerous intertidal fish ecology and shellfish assessments within the UK and overseas estuaries and coastal locations in support of baseline ecological and conservation assessments and condition monitoring.

Gears commonly used include fyke netting, seine netting, fish traps, day grabs and push nets.

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