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Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Ltd

Fisheries Research and Ecosystem-based Science

The role of the ecosystem in fisheries management has become ever more prominent since the Reykjavik Declaration on Responsible Fisheries in Marine Ecosystems, 2001 which pioneered the ‘ecosystem-based fisheries management approach’. The Company’s biologists have made significant contributions to the European and global thinking on this important issue, with a particular emphasis on establishing criteria for responsible fisheries management and the development of ecosystem-based monitoring approaches.

Our experience spans national approaches, including delivery of Marine Biodiversity Action Plans in the UK and regional strategic approaches, such as the environmental protection of the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystem (LME), Strategic Action Plan for the marine and coastal environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden and benchmarking sustainability of pelagic fisheries in the Bay of Bengal LME. We focus on specific ecosystem components with recent projects contributing to the preparation of an EU Plan of Action for seabirds and assessing impacts of the EU Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks as well as improving fishery practices such as assessing discard reduction activities.

Poseidon is currently assisting FAO prepare a major project that will facilitate the implementation of ecosystem approaches to fisheries and coastal management (EAFM / EBM) in the Indonesian Seas Large Marine Ecosystem (ISLME).

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