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What is good food? For consumers, it means good taste. But good food can be good in every possible way: good for your business, good for your health, and good for the planet. Would you like to design the next generation of food, feed and beverage products that are just plain good all around? If so, it's time to start piloting VTT's food technology solutions.

Enrich your food…and your profits

VTT develops new concepts for the food and beverage sector. We enable consumers to choose healthy, sustainable and tasty foods wherever they go.

VTT´s pilots and even ready-to-launch products present new opportunities for any size of food business. We add science to nutrition, tailoring the food matrix with enzymes and microbes to create mouthwatering products with health benefits.

We back up our work with techno-economical and sustainability evaluations as well as nutritional and sensory characteristic assessments to ensure that both process and product concepts will take off.

Food businesses of the future have a conscience

In the years to come, corporate social and environmental responsibility will be taken for granted—especially when it comes to food. In order to feed a growing population, we need to be resource-efficient.

Cutting waste, adding value

Minimal processing, minimal waste, and healthy food will save on both costs and resources. New, high-value plant protein sources will promote sustainability while adding to the bottom line.

Developing healthful, profitable products

By fine-tuning what exists and combining it with new processes and products, VTT will give you the ability to promote health while increasing profit.

Use side streams as raw materials, turn healthy into super tasty, and save on production even as sustainability takes the fore.

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