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Food Technology Services


We combine proven grain properties with valuable natural active ingredients. This leads to new food products that are tasty and healthy at the same time. Grain, special crops, oil seeds, inulin plants, legumes, herbs and spices are the main resources that are evaluated and processed by us. We test them for their processing characteristics and develop them to innovative products in our mills, separators, extruders, presses, roasters, dryers, extractors and distillation plants.

We also assess agricultural and industrial processing by- and co-products for any value-added potential. In addition to our own lab and technical equipment for a flow rate of up to more than 200 kg/h, we also offer our services on-site at our customers' plants.

This way, we are able to test new raw materials, technological auxiliary materials, functional ingredients as well as new systems and equipment designs in a practice-oriented way. We can integrate management, plant operators and QS employees alike in this development work.

We are offering the following services:

  • Adding value, mainly from vegetable raw materials
  • Generation of material structures and functions
  • Assessment of product characteristics
  • Production-ready solutions
  • Training and advanced training

Institut für Getreideverarbeitung offers basic technologies in the area of food technology:\

  • Milling technology
  • Pasta technology
  • Extrusion and co extrusion technology
  • Special crop processing
  • Water steam distillation
  • CO2 - High pressure- and solvent extraction
  • Feed and pet food

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