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As agricultural activities and resource extraction takes more of the planet, we are threatening the world’s lungs – our forest reserves globally. Forests play an important role in maintaining water quality by preventing soil erosion and contribute to the water cycle by passing moisture from soils to the atmosphere through transpiration. The water cycle that sustains all life.  So it is important to understand if there are any commodities that have particular deforestation risks.  SEC has 20 years experience of working with these issues and improving outcomes.

Timber and Paper

The reduction of illegal logging worldwide has been a long process but there is still more work to be done to make sure we are all using legal and now zero deforestation sources.  Third party certification is one of the tools we use to ensure our clients have a robust purchasing strategy and can prove their choices are low risk as well as meeting the EU Timber Regulations. ‎

Oil Palm, Palm Oil and its Derivatives

Oil palm has many virtues; it is the most resource efficient vegetable oil available however, historically the establishment of oil palm plantations has resulted in significant deforestation.  Palm Oil outputs are significant as the oil is fractionated and combined with other materials to change its appearance or functionality.  So now many food and health and beauty products contain some type of palm oil ingredient.  The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil,  RSPO is attempting to bring sustainability guidance to the sector and SEC assists clients to identify, control and abide by the certification labelling and membership requirements of the RSPO.

Beef and Leather

The conversion of tropical rainforest for pasture in the wider Amazon has resulted in many hectares of forest lost in recent years.  Ensuring that beef and leather linked to deforestation stays out of supply chains takes careful work as currently the value chain information is poor and third-party certificationtake-up is scant.  SEC can help companies understand and control risk in their value chain.


The use of soy as a feedstock in animal husbandry and as an ingredient in food and oleo- chemicals continues to grow as the world seeks raw materials to support our growing population.  Soy expansion has historically claimed many hectares of forested land and the Cerrado areas in Latin America. Knowing what your footprint of soy consumption is, what are the options for sustainable supply and the relationships between the various certification schemes are is part of SEC’s offer.

Cocoa, Shea and other tree crops

All crops have an environmental impact and the location of tree crops most often impact on the health of natural forests.  SEC has experience of working with specialists in the cocoa and shea production systems and brings our understanding of indirect land use change to all tree crops.

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