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Since the dawn of metalworking, mankind has used the forging process to assure strength, toughness, reliability, and the highest quality. In today’s world these same advantages can be realized with a Haven Steel Products supplied steel bar, steel alloy, and fabrication alloy forging.

Why hot forging over other metalworking processes? The advantages are numerous. Structural reliability in a forging is unexcelled by any other metalworking process. A forging process can greatly reduce internal gas pockets or voids that could cause unexpected failure under stress or impact. The structural reliability of forgings generates safety factors due to the material responding predictably to its environment without costly special processing to correct for internal defects. Working the material using a forging operation achieves recrystallization and grain refinement that yields the maximum strength potential of the material with the minimum amount of property variation. Structural reliability of steel bar, and steel alloy, also means reduced inspection requirements, uniform response to heat treatment, and consistent machinability, all contributing to faster production rates and lower costs to the consumer.

Haven Steel Products offers a wide variety of steel bar, steel alloy, and fabrication alloy forging processes for your design needs. With forging presses ranging from 700 to 1000 tons even your largest forging requirements are a possibility. With both instrument controlled gas fired furnaces and induction heating available, consistency and dimensional quality characteristics can be maintained. Add Haven Steel’s ability to forge a broad range of bar sizes along with the use of hot punching, piercing, shearing, trimming, and heat treating capabilities, Haven Steel is the source for your steel bar and alloy forging needs.

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