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Fruit & Vegetable Testing Services

Testing fruit & vegetables for residues or nutritional information Our Food & Bioanalytical Division has a specialist pesticide residue laboratory that focuses on the testing of a wide variety of fruit and vegetable sample types plus a range of other food products. We use GC-ECD/NPD, GC-MS, HPLC and LC-MSMS instrumentation to carry out residue analyses, which helps growers and exporters ensure they can meet maximum residues limits (MRL's) - these are set by purchasing companies, supermarket chains, government agencies or importing countries, not by the laboratory, so if you need to meet certain market access requirements, please ensure you know what these are (including detection limits if applicable) before contacting the lab to arrange testing.

We also offer heavy metal, elemental assays and basic nutritional information panel testing for a wide variety of food types, including dairy, fish, grains and cereals, horticultural crops, etc if you need to meet food labeling requirements or other criteria.

The main types of food testing that we provide:

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