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GCLS Phytopathology Global Service


We help to save plants, worldwide, with phytopathology contract researches, with the results of on-site examinations documented in protocols, with the development of advisory opinions containing clear recommendations and action plans. Plants, forests and green areas becomes healthier and live longer with the support from our experts who complete researches and develop recommendations to normalize and improve the vitality level of plants through rehabilitation of plants organism functions and ecosystem ties in the most lean and effective methods. The services are provided globally except of several geographical areas are avoided from traveling to.

Our unique value is created by the approach of ecosystem phytopathology (or ecosystem plant pathology) which is a sustainability based direction in practice of research, prevention and resolving of plant health issues that our research center had initiated and develops for years as an own scientific-practical school. It is based on analysis of objective data of growing conditions, external or internal impacts, including deficits, phytopathogens or harmful factors either natural or antropotechnogenic genesis.

Being seasoned experts in the ecosystem phytopathology, we help architects, landscape architects, urban planners, municipalities, corporate sector, garden centers, arborists, garden care services, natural reserves and owners of residential objects to return and sustain good health of the ornamental, park and forest, exotic and indoor plants at less of efforts and costs.

Please consider us for any of your international project. Provide us with the information regarding a problem required to be resolved and it is always a pleasure to reply with the offer how we can be helpful at a way the best possible.

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