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Cow Sense® is built on the concept of individual animal management, and the foundation of individual animal management is individual animal identification. Of necessity for herd improvement, identification must go back to an animal's sire and dam.  There is no more powerful technology for making genetic progress than selecting the best animals in the population and making them parents.

However, making rapid genetic progress is not as simple in commercial beef production and compounded by size of operation and management systems. Although some operators are able to identify the dam side of the parentage equation, more often than not multi-sire matings (a necessary management practice) adds confusion to sire identification. Exact identification of parentage of calves resulting from unknown matings or from a multi-sire pasture matings is a major challenge. Cow Sense now offers the solution!

In the fall of 2001, Midwest MicroSystems forged a strategic relationship with GeneSeek Inc., the leader in DNA-based discovery and diagnostics in the animal breeding industry. The result is Cow Sense Genetic Services. Genetic testing can determine an animal's unique DNA profile. Through our proprietary software, PairMatch™, we can match that calves DNA profile to the profiles on record of potential parent animals. This parentage result or verification is then returned to you and stored in your Cow Sense herd where you can apply it! Management decisions that you once did not have the confidence to make, (as you were unsure of the parentage equation), are now simplified!

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