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Xelect offers a comprehensive range of DNA genotyping services to the aquaculture industry. Below is a list of our main services but we are always keen to discuss new ideas and requirements.

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are single base changes in the genetic code. They are often used as markers for trait improvement or for stock identification. We use fluorescent probe based qPCR assays to genotype SNPs and QTLs. Our service is fast, reliable and confidential. We can genotype SNPs already used by clients, often at a cheaper price than our competitors, but we can also develop new assays to SNPs discovered by a client or in the public domain. 

Sex testing
We are able to use qPCR technology to accurately genotype sex of salmonids from a DNA sample. The process works by amplifying a male-specific gene, alongside a ubiquitous control gene. Samples that produce amplifications of both genes are deemed male while those that only amplify the control gene are deemed female. The principle has been exhaustively tested against known fish and is over 99.9% accurate. This service can be applied to any age of fish from fertilized ova onwards, and is especially useful when validating commercial attempts to produce a mono-sex offspring.

Pathogen detection
DNA barcodes are pieces of DNA sequence that are known to be unique to a particular species. We use qPCR to amplify these barcodes, giving a presence / absence result for the species. This can be used to confirm the presence of almost any pathogen or parasite in a range of samples from mucus swabs to water samples.

These are highly variable regions of non-coding DNA that frequently mutate between generations. The differences in genotypes at these loci between individuals is a powerful tool for mapping relatedness, assigning parentage or for assigning an unknown sample to a population of origin. Monitoring relatedness by microsatellites is also a valuable way of detecting in-breeding in farmed strains. We can offer bespoke microsatellite analysis services for most major aquaculture species.

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