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Grain Processing and Storage Services

Grain processing is an extremely important stage of preparation, thus Linas Agro pays special attention to it. The company owns grain elevators (storage capacity 254 thousand tons) and also cooperates with Lithuanian companies that provide grain storage services. The total capacity of grain storage facilities leased and owned by Linas Agro in Lithuania and Latvia amounts to 610 thousand tons.

Grain storage in elevators of the Group  is made fast and easy: weight is determined by means of electronic vehicle or rail wagon weighting systems, and the quality testing of transported grain is performed in modern laboratories. Rakoraf automatic grain sampler is used for objective grain quality determination in elevators. It allows automatic taking of a well mixed grain sample for laboratory testing of quality.

All elevators enable simultaneous collection and delivery of different grain crops. The grain straight from the harvesters is also welcome. The grain can be delivered by rail transport, and can also be loaded directly from road transport to rail wagons and vice versa. The elevators capacity allows collecting 160 to 300 tons of grain per hour.

Primary and secondary grain cleaning, drying and grading is carried out in elevators. The computerized grain ventilation and temperature monitoring system maintains optimum grain storage conditions.

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