Greenhouse Design & Consulting Services


We provide a professional greenhouse and tunnel consulting service aimed at newcomers to the industry, both large and small. Our aim is to supplement the shortage of specialised local knowledge in greenhouse production by adding our own personal experience and international training to the mix. Having been involved in developing his own greenhouse facilities, and then developing successful greenhouse projects for others, our lead consultant is highly skilled in the business of greenhouse production. He has travelled extensively, corresponds regularly with international hydroponic and greenhouse experts, and has received training in Dutch greenhouses as a worker performing day to day cultivation practices and management at Wingerden Horticultural Services, Poeldijk, Netherlands.

We as a company are deeply involved in the local greenhouse and tunnel industry through our clients and family and are well versed in the issues of the day affecting the profitability and operation of local greenhouse enterprises. We have been involved with projects ranging in size from R50 000 up to one with a capital expenditure of R50 million so we are able to maintain a perspective on the needs of most clients.


We offer, in particular, the following key services:


  • Financial Business Plans – Projected Income Statements, Cashflow Analysis, Working Capital requirements, CapEx requirements - based on the design of the facility, for 3-5 years
  • Location Analyses – suitability of the site for a greenhouse enterprise as planned
  • Site Layout and Facility Design
  • Production Best Practice Training – hydroponic cultivation techniques, greenhouse climate and irrigation management, crop management, pest and disease management
  • Efficient Manpower Utilisation Strategies – productivity, organisational manpower planning, key performance areas and task management.

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