Greenhouse Lighting Technology


SONMax luminaires are designed to operate in greenhouse environments to enhance crop growth. By using SONMax, revenue can be increased considerably. The dimmable fixture is available in 750 and 600 Watt, which makes the product even more flexible and controllable. Nedap Light Controls has developed the fixture, the reflector and the dimmable electronic ballast in-house. The fact that these three components have been developed by one company is unique for the greenhouse lighting industry. The fixture is very compact, which minimizes shadow effects. The special construction of the European standard (IP65) housing ensures optimal thermal behavior, so all electronic components are protected against outside influences.

Key achievements of SONMax

  • Increase greenhouse revenues
  • Low energy consumption
  • Dimmable and controllable
  • Long life span
  • High light output
  • High power factor
  • Low mains distortion
  • Light weight
  • Small volume

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