Grow Light Installations Services


Illuminate your crop optimally: In the modern horticultural sector grow light is indispensable. Not only growers of young plant material and ornamental crops, but also nurseries of vegetables exploit nowadays the possibilities for extending the period of daylight. At Stolze the installation of grow lights, for many years, has turned into a speciality. In close cooperation with several renowned suppliers we devise the most efficient solution. Uniformity of lights and the light intensity are very important for an as high as possible output. The suppliers of Stolze make a so-called ‘light plan’ for the correct partitioning of light.


LED lighting
Stolze is Phillips LED Horti Partner. As selected dealer of Philips we are involved in the development of LED lighting. We can therefore offer a variety of solutions for successful energy efficient cultivation.

Stolze designs, assembles and installs
Hereafter Stolze ensures (using a calculation module developed by themselves) how the optimum output from the electro technical installation could be obtained. Location of transformers and link panels is vital, but also legal regulations must be observed. Stolze designs and assembles the panels for the growth light in own management.

  • Transformers
  • Main switch boards
  • Growth light armatures
  • Switch Panels
  • Power cables

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