Habitat Conservation Planning

Habitat Conservation Planning (HCP) is becoming a requirement for aquaculture in order to establish controls and measures around the farming environment that ensure that protection of the local biodiversity. Aquaculture operators often find themselves in conflict with local wildlife and the HCP system is designed to create an agreement that manages endangered species or habitats affected or potentially affected by the operations activities. The eAqua HCP is designed to prevent activities within the operation that may result in death, injury or harassment of endangered species or the destruction or modification of their habitat. As well as providing a responsible conservation initiative, the HCP system also provides an unparalleled opportunity for the implementation of collaborative social development projects within the local and wider community.

The components of an eAqua HCP typically include:

  • Biological Goals and Objectives
  • Covered Activities
  • Biological Impacts & Take Assessment
  • Avoidance, Minimization and Mitigation
  • Monitoring
  • Adaptive Management
  • Changed/Unforeseen Circumstances (Application of No Surprises Policy)
  • Funding
  • Alternatives
  • Training and awareness building

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