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Hand Vaccinating Services


Hand vaccinating is the most common method of vaccinating fish. Fish are aneathnetised and presented to a team of vaccinators who line fish up and individually vaccinate each into the intraperitoneal cavity. A skilled, experienced team of vaccinators is capable of vaccinating between 80,000 and 200,000 fish per day depending on the size of team

  • Very high welfare standards as each fish is viewed and handled making sure only healthy fish are vaccinated
  • Very accurate injection point leading to less downgrades at processing
  • Reliable and dependable method as people do not “break down”
  • Vaccination staff will often identify problems with fish delivery and fish recovery before fish start to suffer
  • Teams can be very flexible and adaptable to fit in with every farm system and can often be a second pair of hands in the event of major problems on site
  • Problems with vaccine delivery and accuracy are quickly identified through quality control protocols

  • Poorly trained, unskilled vaccinating staff can lead to fish downgrades at processing
  • Unreliable teams not turning up when they should and with not enough team members
  • Some companies have poor quality control systems and weak organisational skills

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