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TRL has the technical knowledge and digital high-speed know-how derived from decades of full-scale testing in both indoor and outdoor locations. This has given us the experience of filming in the most challenging of light conditions. Our high-speed digital photography plays a key role in the analysis of tests whether it’s for vehicles, child seats, helmets or specialist components.

TRL’s high speed video capability consists of multiple Olympus I-speed Tr cameras which can record up to 10,000 frames per second or 2000 in full sensor resolution. With a wide range of lenses available, we can deliver high speed filming for a number of other applications as well as impact testing. These include; scientific experimentation, manufacturing processes, water flow experimentation, sports technique analysis, documenting animal behaviour, or the recording of slow motion events for artistic or advertising purposes.

The imagery is captured in a bespoke format for the I-speed camera, and this can be converted into several formats (AVI, mov, wmv, etc.) that are easily readable on a wide range of software packages. We can also carry out motion analysis, i.e. track markers and reflectors that are placed within the imagery at the time of recording via a number of available software packages such as Pro Analyst, I-speed, etc.

Examples of the types of testing that our high speed cameras have been used for include;

  • Child restraint systems
  • Motor sport components (and motorsport full scale)
  • Wheelchairs
  • Rail cabs and furniture
  • Automotive components
  • Safety and security barriers
  • Helmets - including; motorcycle, cycle, cricket, fire fighter, ski, industrial
  • Equestrian - riding hats, air jackets and fences

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