Highway Sanitation

Highway Sanitation was a unit under Waste Management Services Department before it became a department of its own last year. It commenced its operation in September 2006, with the appointment of “Litter Marshals” charged with the responsibility of cleaning the highways. The “Litter Marshals” programme was aimed to focus on where littering was problematic and challenging for LAWMA, and due to its success, a new private partnership initiative was born. Over 90 companies (private sector participant) referred to as “service providers” have registered with LAWMA to provide cleaning/sweeping services at various strategic locations (highways and streets) in the state. About 5000 workers have been employed by these companies. The service of which has been adding value to the cleanliness of Lagos State.

Aims and Objectives

  • To maintain a cleaner and healthier environment
  • To prevent and control the spread of diseases
  • To contribute to the good health of the citizenry

Street sweeping day and night
Enforcement of the rules and regulations
guiding street sweeping activities
Removal of junks
Removal of derelict/abandoned vehicles
Removal of silt and tyres
Removal of resultant waste from street
sweeping and refuse disposed of indiscriminately
Referring of cases of unidentified corpses and carcasses on the highways to the Ministry of Health for removal
Referring of cases of stray animals on the highways to the Ministry of Agriculture

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