Hotel Restaurant Coffee Places Problem


The majority of coffee places, restaurants and hotels worldwide that have outdoor areas, usually have a problem during the hot summer months and not only. At high temperatures the stay of visitors at these sites decreases, accompanied by a corresponding reduction in revenues.


COOL MERCHANT systems are the only solutions for overheated outdoor areas .Installed in environments where conventional air-condition does not apply they lower the area temperature up to 15 ° C creating a unique fresh environment for you clients!


  • Immediate drop in temperature
  • Extension of stay of visitors to external areas and hence more revenue
  • Incredible special effects
  • Removal of insects and dust
  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost of purchase and installation immediate payback of capital invested
  • System reliability (Italian manufacture)


The specially designed misting systems carrying water from a supply network to a central high-pressure pump (up to 100 bar). From there the water goes to a network of high pressure hose and nozzle (nozzle) and spray to become cloudy droplets with a diameter up to 8 micronll! The tiny size of the droplets allows direct evaporation, resulting in a drop in environmental temperature within a few minutes after the activation of the system.

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