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We own and manage Improved Farmland in Hendry County and engage in farming the land and leasing some of the acreage to others to farm. Improved Farmland totals approximately 44,100 gross acres or 33.8% of our total acreage. Our Improved Farmland includes approximately 30,600 gross acres currently used for Sugarcane farming, approximately 5,800 gross acres of irrigated farmland currently used for farm leasing and other purposes and approximately 7,700 gross acres of permitted but undeveloped acres (acres that are permitted for farming but that have not yet been cleared, leveled and irrigated for commercial farming).


Our sugarcane crops are planted in the sandy soils of Hendry County, Florida and are generally replanted every four years. On average, three annual crops are harvested from one field before production and sugar concentration declines to an unacceptable level, and the sugarcane crop is plowed under. The first crop that emerges from the planted cane is called plant cane and the subsequent crops are termed first stubble and second stubble. The sugarcane fields are generally fallow in the fourth year and are leased to other farmers to plant seasonal crops such as sweet corn, peanuts and watermelons. Approximately 1,200 acres of second stubble were harvested and plowed under in fiscal year 2012, and we leased these fallow acres.

Of the approximately 18,600 acres of net plantable sugarcane land, approximately 4,900 acres are classified as plant cane, approximately 4,500 acres are classified as first stubble, and approximately 4,000 acres are classified as second stubble. The remaining 5,200 acres are classified as developing. Developing acres are sugarcane acres that are being planted and cultivated in fiscal year 2013 and which will produce plant cane in fiscal year 2014. The 4,000 acres that are classified as second stubble for fiscal year 2013 will be harvested in the first quarter of fiscal year 2013. Portions of the 4,000 acres may be cultivated for an additional year to create a third stubble crop in fiscal year 2014, while the remainder will be plowed under and become leaseable fallow land.

During fiscal years ended September 30, 2012, 2011 and 2010, revenue from sugarcane operations was 11%, 8% and 5% of our total operating revenue, respectively.

Irrigated and Permitted and Undeveloped

Of our approximately 44,100 gross acres of Improved Farmland, approximately 5,800 gross acres are classified as irrigated farmland that is currently used for leasing and other purposes and 7,700 gross acres are classified as permitted but undeveloped.  The detail of our irrigated farmland and permitted but undeveloped farmland is presented in the following table:

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