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Installation Holland Gaas: Engineers of Holland Gaas have the possibility to install the insectnetting system in the roofsystem of the greenhouse or polyhouse. Installing will be done by experienced and VCA certified mechanics. Motivated, professional technicians take care that the netting will perfectly fit into the system. These engineers have many years of experience in working at height levels.

Installation supported by a supervisor
It is also possible to hire a supervisor(s) to lead the project. This supervisor(s) lead, guide and assist local workers to install the netting system. He takes care that the system will be installed as intended for the specific project. The experienced mechanics used to lead and motivate local workers especially in foreign turn-key projects. The intelligent lock-in system makes it possible to explain the proceedings to the local workers quite easily. The supervisors are trained to encourage the workers and to the accelerate the activities in a safe way. This ensures a proper installation, which will extend the lifespan of the system.

On request, an installation manual can be provided.

Of course, Holland Gaas can also supply the netting system without installing the system. After an explanation in our office or by mail together with an installation manual it is possible to install the system yourself. However we recommend the use of a supervisor for short or long term, depending on the size of the project. This improves the speed of assembly and the final quality (and lifespan) of the system.

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