Intermountain Aquatics, Inc. (IMA)

Integrated Weed Management Services

Noxious weeds (e.g. thistles, knapweeds, leafy spurge) are a serious problem in the western United States. The U.S. government estimates that 4,600 acres per day are lost on public lands to invasive plants. These plants severely threaten biodiversity, habitat quality, range condition and ecosystem functions. On restoration and enhancement projects weed infestations can preclude achieving the desired management goal. At Intermountain Aquatics, revegetation and weed control go hand in hand through the plant establishment phase of any project. We implement effective weed control strategies to assure that ecological functions are maintained and habitat objectives are achieved. We also offer comprehensive weed control services on both small and large parcels including herbicide spraying, manual and mechanical weed removal and biological weed control. We develop and implement effective short and long-term strategies that can control the noxious weed communities on your property. IMA employs goal-based adaptive management monitoring to ensure cost-effective long-term control.

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