Interim Storage


MSG has established the TRAKYA INTERIM STORAGE Facility in Çorlu – Velimeşe for our industrial investors with the most secure and modern conditions of storage and all other support services. The MSG Trakya Interim Storage Facility is the first link of MSG interim depots, which will be widespread along the country, especially in dense industrial areas.

With our MSG Trakya Interim Depot facility, the safe storage of waste is obtained until a sufficient capacity is reached before the waste is sent to recycling and regular storage facilities. Thus, our industrial investors do not take the risk of storing their small amounts of waste while transportation under the most economical conditions to depots is made possible.

Within the scope of the operation license given to our company by T.R. Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the declaration, labeling, transportation, storage and disposal of industrial wastes is carried out by our establishment under relevant regulations.

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