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International Aid and Development Services


Hafren Water provides  international aid and development through advice on sustainable water resource development and provision of water supplies to help ensure the best use of water and financial resources.  We have worked extensively across many water-stressed countries including Ghana, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and Malawi providing technical guidance, advice and training.  We work with many NGOs, including WaterAid, Tearfund, Oxfam and WSA.

According to some surveys, up to 60% of water supplies/wells in sub-Saharan Africa are non-functional. While there are many reasons for this failure, technical problems, such as poor siting of wells, poor construction, variable water quality and inadequate assessment of the available resources, can all play a part in the failure of a water supply with human and economic consequences.  Hafren Water can assist in all these areas.

Increased demands for water for human consumption, agriculture and industry, together with changes in climate, mean that water supplies are under increasing pressure. The need to ensure that water sources are sustainable in the long-term (through resource assessment and management) is increasingly recognised.

We provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Water Well Siting and Construction: desk study, site investigation, geophysics, drilling supervision, pumping test analysis
  • Water resource assessment:  desk study, data collection and review, conceptual model development ensuring water resources are sustainable in the long-term
  • Water quality: we work with NGOs to investigate and overcome water quality issues, whether caused at source or due to effects of the waterpoint infrastructure
  • Technical Audits: procedures, compliance, best practice
  • Training : prepare and deliver training to NGOs on aspects of water supply, with an emphasis on the practical

We can supply experienced staff to work on secondment on large, multi-disciplinary projects.

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