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Invasive Weed Management & Eradication


Invasive and injurious weeds can give rise to a range of development liabilities and legal obligations. Weed control and/or eradication is increasingly a condition of planning permissions. These pages highlight problems associates with Japanese Knotweed, however a range of other weed control services (e.g. Giant Hogweed, Ragwort, Himalayan Balsam, Rhododendron etc.) are also provided by Corvus. For information on these species contact us directly.

Why control Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) a rhizomatous perennial, was introduced to the UK as an ornamental plant in the 1850's and quickly established itself throughout the British Isles. The plant does not produce seeds, but regenerates from a rhizome (root). As little as 0.6g of the rhizome is sufficient to enable the plant to grow in any given area. This astonishing regenerational ability results in soil containing the rhizome being classified as controlled waste, increasing the costs of removal & landfilling from any given site.

The plant causes harm by its ability to exploit flaws in engineered structures. Hard surfaces such as foundations, brick, concrete & tarmac can all be penetrated with relative ease by the plant, causing a loss of cohesion and ultimately, structural failure. The cost of removing Japanese Knotweed from any given development site can be significant. However the liabilities accruing from ignoring the problem are certain to prove much more costly in the long term.

Time frames for chemical removal (3+ years) can be incompatible with other site requirements and physical removal or on site containment & treatment may be required in some instances. Corvus have significant experience of the delivery of Knotweed Management Plans compliant with the Environment Agency's Knotweed Code of Practice and all relevant staff hold NPTC (City & Guilds) Certification in the safe use of pesticides (PA2, PA6 & PA06A). Staff also undertake CPD compliant with the Requirements of the National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO).

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