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psps is active on behalf of foreign regions looking to attract Dutch investors, with the aim to economically stimulate the region and create new jobs. The searching and finding of new Dutch  investors is often called “lead generation”.

The following points explain this issues in more detail.

How we work and what we are good at:

  • Many investors have started as exporters. Our extensive experience in past trade missions provides a perfect database to generate leads, i.e. successful investment promotion.
  • The basis of successful investment promotion is 'intelligent' database management. For us that means applying the following 3 filters.

First: companies in the right sector, matching the region

Second: companies with a competitive advantage over the local market

Third: companies that want to achieve growth through new offices in foreign countries

  • Business development primarily remains the responsibility of the investing company. Our strength in this area is that we can provide strategic support in this area and by doing so, offer complementary services to those given by investment promotion organizations. We offer these complementary services through: company visits, searching and finding specifically requested market information, networking and establishing contacts for investors with decision makers abroad. Above all, we are always looking for the short term: Are there immediate opportunities for Dutch investors in your region, meaning are their opportunities to directly participate in (large) tenders and / or governmental projects.


Through our approach we were able to arrange 18 meetings with potential investors in the Netherlands for a region in East Germany. Furthermore, 4 visits from potential Dutch investors to the region during a fact finding mission, we organized a workshop with 15 participants  and managed to get one company to open up a subsidiary (timeframe: appr. 12 months). In France we were able to bring 5 qualified 'leads' and 3 potential investors to Picardy, a region in the North of France, that visited the region in a period of 8 months with the interest of conducting business over there.

  • Unique Value Proposition
    Distinctiveness of the region
  • Sector review, matrix management
    In which sub-sectors are opportunities for foreign investors
  • Intelligent database management
    Customer Relationship Management
  • Professional reporting
    Lead generation information, monthly progress reports
  • Events
    Subject specific workshops for potential investors, fact-finding journeys

DevelopErie PA serves as the lead economic development agency for the greater Erie region. The corporation creates partnerships to provide the programs, products, and services that Eries regional companies need to be succesful. DevelopErie facilitates the right transactions and forges the right partnerships to create transformation by being active in the areas of Financing & Grants, Real Estate, Brownfield and Business Development.

From May 2012, psps consultants is DevelopErie's authorized trade & investment representative for Europe.

The Erie Inland Port Initiative

The Erie Inland Port Initiative is a comprehensive effort to utilize the region's transportation assets to grow the region's economy. It incorporates a target market of twelve counties in three states spanning approximately 120 miles. This includes eight counties in Northwest Pennsylvania, three counties in Northeast Ohio and Chautauqua County, New York.

The Biomass Initiative is part of the  Erie Inland Port Initiative. DevelopErie promotes the export of biomass because the Erie region's timber and agricultural resources, together with the port and rail infrastructure, presents an opportunity to develop a new, robust, biomass manufacturing and export industry. The focus is to transport to North and West Europe.

The shale gas industry in Pennsylvania

Additionally, with the recent developments on the shale gas industry in the US, DevelopErie also actively engages in promoting this new industry as Pennsylvania, and Erie, are located on one of the largest shale gas fields worldwide. Please find more information on the shale gas industry by going to the page 'Shale gas opportunities in Erie'.

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